I live on a mini court.   Who is responsible for maintenance?

Mini-courts (or pipe stems as they are also known as) are private property. The owners of the houses on that mini-court are responsible for the maintenance.

The individual houses (lots) have a plat showing the legal property lines of ownership for the paved and grassy areas. However, each owner has an easement to use the entire drive for the purpose of getting to and from their homes and the parking areas and therefore a responsibility to contribute to the maintenance of the entire easement area.

If you live on a mini-court you and your neighbors own and are responsible for the upkeep of the driveway that you all share to enter and leave your mini court and the center area of that mini-court. Since the road is private it will not be plowed by the State (who is responsible for plowing the other roads in the neighborhood).  Some of us in mini-courts have shared the cost of a snow-blower and then take turns operating it when we have enough snow. Others choose to gather as a group and shovel. You and your neighbors will also be responsible for repaving that road when it is needed.

In addition, you and your neighbors are also responsible for the maintenance of any landscaping in the middle of that mini-court. That would include cutting the grass, trimming bushes and trees, and removing any leaves in the fall. Again everyone is responsible for that maintenance so you need to work with your neighbors to figure out how that gets done.

As part of your annual assessment mini-court owners contribute an additional $24 each. This additional money is put in an reserved account along with the money from your neighbors in your mini-court.  This  account can be used for any mini-court related expenses that you and your neighbors agree on. You could use it to do a one-time landscaping project or to pay for a lawn service. Many of us save the money in the reserved account until we need to do a major project like repaving. Repaving the mini-court can easily cost more than $10,000. While the escrow account is not likely to be enough to cover the entire cost it can defray your out-of-pocket cost at that time. To use the reserved funds everyone on the mini-court must give their approval. You may contact the Board Treasurer for information.