A tree fell and is blocking the path, who do I call?

If the tree is on HOA common property please notify any of the board members.

Springfield Station Homeowners’ Association Tree Policy (approved September 2010)

All damaged or encroaching trees reported to the Springfield Station Home Owners Association will be inspected by a member of the board or a designated representative, as soon as possible. The categories of trees/limb encroachment on homeowner’s property on which the Association will consider taking action are:

  • Limbs are encroaching the home owner’s property.
  • Trees are leaning into the home owner’s property.
  • Trees have fallen into the home owner’s property.
  • Trees are dead or dying and in danger of falling in the common area or a home owner’s property.

A determination will be made within a week of that inspection on how to proceed with the reported tree.   The resident who reported the problem tree will be notified of the decision. Residents not satisfied with the decision can appeal to the Homeowners Board via the Complaint Procedure.

Any tree that is deemed by the Association to be a danger to life or property will be designated for trimming or removal, and will be trimmed or removed expeditiously by an experienced, licensed, and insured tree removal company contracted by the SSHOA.

It is the right of the homeowner to prune any branch or tree at their property line that is rooted in the common area and extends onto their property.

SSHOA will only remove trees that are in the common area, which is SSHOA property.  All other removals are the responsibility of the homeowner.

If a tree is within a common area and is dead or contains dead limbs – but poses no threat to life or property will be left alone, and trees in the common area that fall or are cut there will be left lying flat on site.