Tennis Courts and Basketball Court Common Area

Project Status and Updates

In 1972 when builder Jeffrey Sneider & Company was building Springfield Station it encountered some land that was unsuitable to build houses.  Since the developer could not find buyers for the land, it was decided to build two tennis courts and a basketball court on this land and establish a homeowners association for its perpetual care and maintenance.  (This is why Springfield Station HOA begins at the tennis courts, not at at the corner of Arley and Sydenstricker where the neighborhood begins.)

In 2001, after years of repairing cracks on the surface of the courts and engineering study was commissioned to determine the root cause and a permanent fix.  Here are the major milestones since that time:

  • 2001 – ECS, LTD Engineering Study that there is a water stream that runs under the courts causing the cracks in the surface.
  • 2009 Repair cracks and replaced wind screen and nets.
  • 2010 – General Membership Survey completed. 52% wanted sports courts; 34% wanted green space (park); 11% other.
  • 2010 – Members authorize Board to commission an engineering study of the area (ECS Proposal).
  • 2011 –ECS Technical Memorandum issued confirming 2001 findings and estimates the cost to fix the drainage issues and replace courts at $163k; or fix the drainage issue and replace one sports court leaving remaining space grass at $115k; or remove the courts and replace with grass at $72k.
  • 2011 – Board prepares alternative solution at $51k (Versa Court); Members approve the Board’s recommendation to repair cracks by patching now, start escrow savings account to resurface the courts with an overlay (e.g., Versa Court) with agreement that when sufficient funds have accrued the Members will reaffirm the Versa Court solution.
  • 2012 – Board establish a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Fund with a 2012 balance of $30k.
  • 2013 – CIP Fund has a balance of $43,000 (exceeded expected 2013 contribution by $3,000).
  • 2014 – CIP Fund projected to have a balance of $56,300 (exceeding expected 2014 contribution* by $3,300).
  • 2015 – CIP Fund projected to have a balance of $71,717 (exceeding expected 2015 contribution* by $6,000).
  • 2016– CIP Fund projected to have a balance of $84,976 (exceeding expected 2016 contribution* by $4,841).
  • 2017 – CIP Fund projected to have a balance of $99,214 (exceeding expected 2017 contribution* by $5,413).