Disclosure Package Request

Disclosure Package Fee: $100 Allow 10 days to process request.

If you are selling property in the Springfield Station HOA community, it is your responsibility to provide a disclosure package to the buyer. This package describes the responsibility of living in a controlled community. It will contain corporate information, a copy of the bylaws, covenants, standards, financial records, and the law of Virginia for Property Owner Associations.

After you have a valid contract on your property, and before the settlement date, you should complete this form. There is a $100 fee to cover the cost of producing the Disclosure Packet. Please make check payable to “SSHOA”.

Since the law requires that the information provided must be current as of the disclosure package mailing date, please allow ten days after receipt for processing the request. You will be called when a disclosure package is ready to be picked up. Bring your $100 check payable to “SSHOA”.